Monday, 5 March 2012

Nuzen Gold Hair Oil Review

I would like to give a review about Nuzen Gold Hair Oil. I know several customers who bought this oil by seeing the advertisement. They promises that it will prevent hair loss,Strengthens hair roots,prevents dandruff and new hair growth within 10-12 weeks. All the customers those who used this product are not satisified with the product. Some customers said that they lost more hair when they start to use this hair oil!!!.

They are just giving the advertisement in channels for publicity and they are not looking to their product's quality. The product is really worthless. For this worthless product they are charging around 396. The most tricky thing they are using in advertisement is that they are promising that new hair growth within 10-12 weeks. So some customers may thing that they want to use this at least for 10 weeks to get a good result. They even said that it is a 5 Bottles Course. So that means we need to use 5 bottles of nuzen hair oil within 12 weeks for new hair growth. Few of the customers whom i know even used this worthless product for more than 12 weeks and finally they found that it is a worthless oil. Most of the ayurvedic hair oils like nuzen hair oil used to say that at least 2 to 3 months of use for better result. it is because they just want to have a customer at least for that much time. This people are just giving lots of fall promises and just cheating customers like us. They just want our money that's all. "Nuzen Hair Oil is a miracle oil formulated on the basis of Ayurveda Sasthra" this is one of the caption of their advertisement. i just have only one request to nuzen hair oil that is, "please don't spoil the name of ayurveda by giving this kind of advertisement".

It is better to use a coconut oil rather than this oil. You may atleast feel better with the coconut oil and your hair will become smooth also by it. Most of the people those who are trying this product is to prevent baldness. One thing i must tell you that, there is no ayurvedic oil that is effective for baldness. The cause of baldenss is because of your food habit or lack of sleep, stress or genetical background so stay away from this product. This review is purely based on the customers opinion about this product.


  1. I actually prefer argan oil because it has more benefits and it works a lot better against hair loss because it stimulates growth. I use Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil hair treatment instead and my hair is shinier, healthier and stronger...and there's a lot more of it!

  2. This is the oil I have got to know from one of my friend. Earlier i had suffered a lot of hair fall. It is because I had changed my residence to Hyderabad where the water in my locality seemed to be hard enough. I suppose it has acted as a catalyst to my hair fall. After using NuZen Gold Herbal Hair Oil for four months my hair loss came under control to much extend. Also I found new sprouts of hair have grown. It also improves the texture of hair. My hair grows much faster than before and I give full credit to this NuZen Gold Herbal Hair Oil.

  3. i have always been against applaying oils in my hair because i would feel nasty with oily hair. I have been searching for ways to make my frizzy dry hair more heathy. I tried EVERYTHING!!! i just gave up. the i found a bottle of NUZEN HAIR OIL in the bathroom cabinet and just tried it out. i was amazed with my hair. The feeling of it was amazing i didn’t have any split ends and it wasnt even oily :) i was soooooo happy. my baby hairs were tamed my dry frizzy hair was gone i had healthy radiant hair in just one use. i highly recommend this product to everyone :)

  4. NUZEN provides natural nourishment to your hair. Giving it body and radiance, taking care of the critical balance of nutrients. NUZEN Hair Oil is a luxurious mix of pure coconut oil with special hair care herbs, amla and lemon. Blended together to strengthen each strand of hair from within, making you look really gorgeous. It has been Proven to reduce hair fall and dandruff in clinical changes.

    The best way to oil hair is to napply oil and massage scalp gently. For best results, apply NUZEN HAIR oil overnight and wash next morning. You can also apply a steaming towel for half an hour after the massage and get shiny, lustrous hair. NUZEN oil should be applied on hair at least twice a week. It is best to apply oil and leave it for a day before washing. Oil enriches your hair, protects it and the massaging stimulates better hair growth.

  5. bindu , chandu , sanju from the names itself i can find out one thing that this all id is belonging to one person who may be a guy from nuzen hair oil marketing section...IF YOU ALL NOTICE ONE THING..YOU CAN EASILY FIND OUT ONE THING.THIS ALL 3 COMMENTS ABOVE HAVE WRITTEN BY THE SAME PERSON ..YOU CAN FIND OUT THAT BY THE STYLE THEY WRITE..IT IS MY BLOG SO I HAVE ONE REQUEST TO THE NUZEN Hair Oil PEOPLE ..IT IS NOT THE RIGHT PLACE TO ADVERTIS ABOUT YOUR STUPID PRODUCT.beware..

  6. see these details
    nuzen company owner is himself bald and he's a living proof that this oil will NOT work.

    1. Anony Thanks for Suggest Can you Suggest any Good Oil for me my age is 23

  7. Hey I suppose to buy this oil, but hesitate to buy? Let me suggest I have to buy this oil or not??

  8. if you buy this worthless will lose your money :).. that's for sure :)

  9. Are there any other ways ? to gain hair. I recently found my hair fall any body can suggest nice way to stop it.

  10. I think you can try trichorganics anti hairloss. I used when i was suffering from severe hairloss. My doctor recommended me of this product. Hairfall stopped within a week of using it.


  11. Great post! The fact that you means someone is reading and liking it! Congrats!That’s great advice.

    Best hair oil

  12. Applying even a coconut oil on scalp and taking bath in morning daily Dan sure every one will loose their hair.first of all use any oil even plam oil or gingly oil but leave at least for 2 days on ur scalp.ur scalp will secret oil which is very important to hair.if u keep on washing ur scalp often,which was my practice.really chances of hair loss.dnt be always running ur fingers on hair, avoid junk.exercise.dnt be temper.b calm.sleep soon wake up early.
    Which all I HV adviced u people HV to think abt it bcz I NVR try any oil .my scalp secretion oil s enough for my hair growth .Mr over onion gets gud result but no one will cum near you after bath also.
    Btr Dan depending on others since in India they Chet not only in rice by mixing stone ,they might do anything for money so one should think what s Wt .better companies NVR make add on there product.
    Trust on old products btr dan new.
    Even ervamatin NVR gives result.
    They say to apply oil today n wash tomrw just just to make profit daily application will make bottle to get completed soon.they again buy .company gets profited..what ever stop blaming any product .its ur mistake so blame urslf first .oil ur hair but at lest live them to settle on ur scalp .choose olive oil, n sooon on.
    C u guys....

  13. If u people want to notice hair fal .often wash ur scalp with chemical shampoos which make dry n once scalp looses it moisture hmmmmm common one ,2,3 start hair falll

  14. Final words its not oils make big miracles on ur scalp.miracle is done by ur finger tips massage ur scalp often .enhance ur blood circulation.enough job done.wait for d result.n dnt be often think ng abt ur hair fall .even it adds u under stress.again u loos hair. Ask sum one to massage ur scalp so DAT u feel relaxed.
    U Cant get result within a night .so wait.
    If u people have fever or any disease doctor wnt give u any medicine for outer body application .like DAT any prblm for scalp r PR LM in ur body r no sufficient supply of vitamins r no sleep r no sufficient food for hair growth r no iron hair will surly fall.
    Consult any nutriologst saying what food u HV to HV for Wt n Hw to maintain ur health .
    Uffff am tired giving solution.c u guys .
    There s no lock without a key.
    So god wnt gv PR LM without solution.
    Plz dnt wry.
    Bye guys

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  16. Brother really its working plz tell me

  17. today i purchase nuzen hair oil but i m in confusion to use it or not???

  18. Me to I purchase nuzen hair oil I am also thinking use r not use

  19. Me to I purchase nuzen hair oil I am also thinking use r not use

  20. Today i purchase this oil i m in confusion to use or not. plz tell me its working... or not.

  21. Nuzen hair oil is a big scam, it did not work, We used it, but nothing happened. That producer of Nuzen should be booked under fraud.