Saturday, 5 March 2016

Nutri Slim Review, How to use it and it's side effects

I am going to give a review of nutri slim, it's side effects and how to use it. Nutri slim is a product from ayurwin company. They claim that it is a product which could make you slim and it doesn't have any side effects. It's function is to burn excess fat and it is a ayurvedic supplement. It is a product with 0% cholesterol and 100 % herbal.

Let us go through this product in detail. This product is in two forms, one is poweder (500 grams) and another one is in capsule (60capsules) form.

How to use nutri slim?

You have to mix the powder with milk (cold or hot) and you have to drink that 1 hour before you take your breakfast. Nutri slim capsule, you should take after your breakfast after 30 minutes. Do the same procedure for dinner as well.

Review of nutri slim

I know only one person who have used this product for 30 days. He is my cousin. His weight is 92 kiliograms. He was using this product regulary as per the company instrucations. He didn't get any improvement by this product, infact he has gained few more kiliograms, it seems.
But i got only one customer opinion about this product so, I cannot argue whether the product is worthless or not. From my cousin's point of view, it is a worthless product. But each individual has different reactions to a product, so we cannot really predict. I will update it, once i get some more opinions about this product. Anyway it is a really expensive product so think twice before you buy this product. Please message me, if you used this product, I would like to know what effect you got from the product.

Side effects

As they says that it is a product with 100 % herbals in it, it may not have any side effects. But if you are a lactating woman, you should not use this product. If you have any heart, kidney or liver disease, please consult a doctor before you try this product. But we may never know what kind of druges they use in this product, so we cannot really predict whether it has any side effects or not.

To conclude, from my cousin's experience this product is worthless, but different people have different reactions to a product, but think twice before you buy this product. As it is an expensive product, you may lose your money as well as time. Better do some exercise to be slim and stay healthy.

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