Thursday, 23 February 2012

Kamilari Liver Supplement

kamilari is a ayurvedic product that is used for liver related problems. This is one of the most famouse ayurvedic product in kerala. Kamilari claims that it can recover the damaged liver cells and it can cure hepatitis. Anyway ayurvedic medicines are good for liver related problems like hepatitis because in allopathy there is no particular medicine, that can cure hepatitis. In allopathy, doctors used to say that some particular kind of diet is the only solution for hepatitis. If we follow that diet, hepatitis will cure but it may take at lease 45 days. There are some ayurvedic medicines that can be used for hepatitis and result is really fast, i know that because i had hepatitis A 2 times. But the problem with some ayurvedic medicines is that, there is a chance to get the hepatitis again. When the first time i had jaundice i consult  one ayurvedic doctor he gave me some medicine, it was some kind of liquid that is made by some kind of leafs. I got cured within 2 weeks by that medicine but it came again after 3 months. So it is always better to use ayurvedic medicines by consulting a allopathy doctor. Now you may think,why do i want to consult a allopathy doctor insted of  ayurvedic doctor because allopathy doctors know better than aurvadic doctors about the reacion of some particular medicines.
                                      In my case when i had jaundice for the second time i consulted my allopathy doctor before going to meet that  ayurvedic doctor and even my allopathy doctor called that  ayurvedic doctor to know about the medicine that he is giving. So after discussing with ayurvedic doctor my allopathy doctor told me to go ahead with the medicine that is givin by that aurvadic doctor. It seems that aurvadic doctor's medicine is made by some leafs that is good for liver. Even my allopathy doctor agreed with it. So it is always better to take the diet that is prescribed by the allopathy  doctor and at the same time with his permision you can take ayurvedic medicines that will be helpful for liver problems.

                                      When we are talking about kamilari, i know several people who used to use this product. They are using it just to protect their livers from liver related problems. They didn't get any side effect by the product but they are not regular users. We should know one thing first, it is a ayurvedic product and there may be some side effects by using this product in future. It depends on each person, some people have diabetics and some have some other kind of disease. So when you are taking ayurvedic product  like kamilari, you have to consult your doctor because kamilari and other medicines that you are using may react each other and some problem may come. If you are a healthy person who is not taking any medicines means, still you have to consult a doctor before using kamilari because for each aurvadic product there may be some side effect and it various from each person depends on his food habit, genes and lifestyle (may be kamilari dont have any side effect who knows). Why do you want to take risk!!!!!.So my strong advice is to consult a allopathy doctor before you use kamilari .

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  1. yes ,,nice view,,a better way to start a long term medicine consumption