Monday, 27 February 2012

Navratna Oil Review And Side Effects

I would like to give a Review about Navaratna oil. Navratna oil is one of the most famous aurvadic product in India. This product is owned by Emami group. I have used this oil many times and i know lots of customers those who are using this product. This product is used in most of the barber shops for head massage. This oil promises stress relief,relaxation and sense of rejuvenation. This oil gives all the promises given by it. If we use this oil once, we will feel like to use this oil again and again. This is one of my favourite oil. It is really good for head massage. This oil is a combination of 9 herbal medicines, that is why it's name is given as navratna. 9 herbal medicines used in it are japa pushpa, amla, bhringaraj, sailaja, kshir kakoli, pudina ka phool, nagarmotha, kunch, lata kasturi. Most of the people those who are used this product are fully satisfied with the product. This product can also used for body massage.

Now i would like to give my experiance with this product. I didn't know much about this product 1 year back. But i have seen several advertisement in TV about this product. One day i just gone to the barber shop to cut my hair. After cutting my hair they asked me whether i want a good head massage. Usually i used to do only hair cutting in barber shop but on that day i was really tired because i travelled a lot on that day. So i said "yes" to the barber. He showed me two hair oils one was navratna and another was some other hair oil and i chosen navratna because i saw some advertisement before, so navratna was familiar to me than the other oil. So he stared to do head massage with that oil. When he started to do head massage with navratna oil,
i started to get that cooling sensation and i felt really great with that oil. After doing that head massage i gone to my house. I think after 15 minutes i gone for bath and i used one aurvadic shampo on my head for washing my head. After bath i felt really fresh and after taking my dinner  i gone to sleep. I used to sleep really less, not more than 5 hours but on that day i slept for more than 7 hours. It was one of the best experiance i had. After that i bought this oil on the next day itself and i used to use this oil once in a week. Right now i am a big fan of navratna oil.

side effects

Few people have reported that they started to loss their hair by using this oil and few people have said that by using this oil their hair loss reduced!!!. So it has some negative and positive reports. I must tell you all one thing, it is not a oil that need to use daily. Once or twice in a week is ok. But if you are using  it daily,it may have some side effect. Another problem with this oil is some little bit of burning sensation may feel in your eyes. When you are doing head massage you have to be really careful. Navratna oil should not go to your face and eyes.


  1. we must use navaratna tel twice a week or if you feel headake its a very good oil but it should not be use regularly if you use it every day it start hair loss because of menthol in the oil which makes cooling sensation its my personal experience with this oil

    1. the spelling is headache...not headake

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    4. Dear anonymous stop being a loser

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  3. I have been using this oil since my 6th class of school. I regularly use this. No side effects....

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  6. After using it I started getting more white hairs at the age of 26.

  7. can i use himani navarathna extra herbal cool oil in my hair?becoz this is first time i try..already i have lot of hair loss..thats y i want change oil..then i choose this ..pls anybody answer for me.becoz i didnot wash my hair after i put oil..need must wash after 10 mints ??������